Navarre GF....A majestic, blue-black Spanish Prince of the Americas.

Born the son of two National Champions, it was perhaps inevitable that this rare black stallion was destined for great things.  His magnificent sire, the unconquerable Teodoro, is the only stallion to capture the National Champion crown of both the American and International Association. His gloriously regal imported black dam, Ladina, from the esteemed breeding farm of  Maria Fernanda de la Escalera, was the International Association's National Champion Mare as well as a performance champion. Genetically predisposed to greatness, at 16.3 hands, big, bold and beautiful, Navarre GF did not disappoint either. From weanling to adult stallion, Navarre was placed exclusively in the capable hands of his trainer, Vaughan Smith. The pair proved to be an unbeatable team, winning multiple champion titles including National Champion Reserve Stallion in 1995 and National Champion Stallion in 1997. In addition, Navarre GF remains undefeated in all Class Best Movement Awards.

As a premier Spanish breeding sire, Navarre's gifts to his foals include both size and substance. Known for his conformation excellence, he imparts to his offspring his beautiful slope of shoulder, well joined head and neck, strong depth of hip and lovely straight legs.  His fabulous Spanish movement is freely exhibited without a trace of winging and is enhanced by driving impulsion behind and exceptional extension in front, all traits generally bestowed upon his foals.

Enthusiastically "approved" by the Jefatura de Cria Caballar of Spain as a Spanish breeding stallion, Navarre currently lives and presides over the beautiful and talented mares of color of Manor Hill Farm.


Navarre GF