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About our horses.... All of our wonderful Pure Spanish Horses are eligible or have been Inscribed into the Studbook of Spain. All of our breeding stock has been inspected and passed Revision. All foals have a microchip implanted and have a DNA profile done by ANCCE. Our horses are kept current with vaccines, deworming and farrier care.

The P.R.E. is the only horse bred for Kings, Let one of our horses make you feel like royalty.

"The Noblest horse in the world, the most beautiful of all. It has a great spirit and great bravery and a docility, it has the haughtiest walk, the proudest trot and the best trotting action, the most arrogant gallop and it is the most appropriate for a king on a day of triumph."

William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle in the 18th century about the Spanish horse.

Pandora DA II is a rare chestnut filly sired by the Qualified liver chestnut Travieso B II and out of our sweet buckskin mare Serrania PI. Born April 8, 2019. Expected to mature 16-16.1hh. Pandora is only offered due to my downsizing as I had planned to keep her as a future show, dressage and breeding mare. She has been well handled and her ANCCE carta is in hand. Pandora is in your pocket sweet.


Quixote DA Bay base heterozygous grey colt out of Embajadora EAS and sired by Diamante EAS born March 30 2020. Quixote DA is a large, solid colt that screams sport horse. Friendly and smart he will be someone's best friend. His sire's sire is the qualified Festivo MR, his granddam Ermitana DA was bred by us and out of one of our foundation mares, the wonderful branded Escalera mare Zingara VII. Q2 has been inscribed with ANCCE and his carta is in hand.


Riaza DA Grey filly (bay base, possibly heterozygous) born April 12, 2021 sired by our Grand Prix Functionality Champion Botijo M and out of one of our Qualified I1 mares Castiza DA. This filly has been bred for the dressage court as well as the morphology ring. She already shows the fantastic temperament and desire to be with people we expected. She will be inscribed into the Spanish Studbook with ANCCE. Eligible for registration with IALHA.

$10,000 Sold

Rocio DA Buckskin filly (No grey) born March 5, 2021 sired by the Festivo MR son Diamanté EAS and out of our sweet Serrania PI. Rocio is a sweet inquisitive filly. She should mature 16-16.1hh. Bred for sport with the bonus of color. NO Carmelo II ;) She is being inscribed with ANCCE as are all of our horses. I didn't want to sell this one but it's time to cut back some. Rocio DA goes back to one of my foundation mares, Zingara VII bred by Maria Fernanda Escalera de la Escalera. (Diamante's dam Ermitana DAwas bred by me and is a grand daughter of Zingara)


IN UTERO offering

S.... DA 2022 foal Bay or heterozygous grey. Dream breeding of the Qualified SICAB and Devon Champion Festivo MR and the Qualified movement champion Doctora AK. This should be a phenomenal cross. Bred for dressage, movement and morphology. Will be inscribed with ANCCE.

$12,000 IN UTERO

IN UTERO offering

S.... DA 2022 foal Grey. Proven repeat breeding. Sired by Botijo M, Grand Prix, Absolute Champion of Functionality, all around fun heterozygous grey. Out of Qualified I1 dressage, morphology and movement champion Castiza DA. Bred for dressage. Will be inscribed with ANCCE.

$8,500 IN UTERO